Other Senior Management.

Environmental Technologies

S M Christley Division Finance Director
J F Walker Division Director, Emission Control Technologies
C J Bennett Technology and Business Development Director, Emission Control Technologies
A M Myers President, Emission Control Technologies, North America
D W Prest Managing Director, Emission Control Technologies, Europe
J V Zubrickas Managing Director, Emission Control Technologies, Asia
N Whitley Division Director, Process Technologies
G L McGregor Division Finance Director, Process Technologies
A Bordet Business Development Director, Process Technologies
J K Dunleavy Managing Director, Refineries and Gas Processing
A C Hurst Managing Director, Tracerco and Vertec
D J Tomlinson President, Davy Process Technology
A Wright Managing Director, Syngas and Gas to Products
J C Frost Director, Fuel Cells

Precious Metal Products

B M O’Connell Division Finance Director
M Bedford Director, Precious Metals Marketing
C C Howlett General Manager, Noble Metals, Europe
J D Malanga General Manager, Noble Metals, North America
R L P J van der Heijden Managing Director, Colour Technologies
G P Otterman Division Director, Catalysts, Chemicals and Refining
T Hassan Division Finance Director, Catalysts, Chemicals and Refining
M T Durney President, Catalysts and Chemicals
A J McCullough General Manager, Gold, North America

Fine Chemicals

N P H Garner Division Director and Head of Corporate Development
M Gaffney Division Finance Director
J B Fowler President, Pharmaceutical Materials and Services
R M Kilburn Managing Director, Macfarlan Smith
B C Singelais President, Global Research Chemicals


G J Coates Group Treasurer
S Farrant Group Legal Director and Company Secretary
P C Framp Deputy Director, Group Environment, Health and Safety and Human Resources
I D Godwin Director, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications
V E Gough Group Reporting Controller
B A Murrer Director, Technology Centre
S P Robinson Director of Tax
F K Sheffy Group Business Development Director
I F Stephenson Director, Group Systems, Environment, Health and Safety and Human Resources
M V Twigg Chief Scientist

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