Johnson Matthey Sustainability Report 2009/10

Accessing Information in Our Website

This site supports accessibility and is committed to ensuring everyone can access the information available. The layout of the site also takes into account users who are visually impaired or have difficulty using a mouse. It is compatible with popular screen reading software and can be navigated using just a keyboard.

The site has been built according to the W3C guidelines for level A accessibility.

Access keys

a – jump to the main navigation
s – jump to the main content of the page
1 – jump to home page
2 – jump to the site map
3 – jump to accessibility statement

Access keys are shortcuts to provide quick and easy access to common pages without the need for a mouse and have been included to assist users with disabilities in navigating the website more easily.

How to use access keys

PC/Windows (Internet Explorer): press ‘alt + access key’ to highlight the link, then ‘enter’ to go to the corresponding page.

PC/Windows (Firefox): press ‘alt + shift + access key’ to go to the corresponding page.

Macintosh (Safari/Firefox): press ‘control + access key’ to go to the corresponding page.

For more details about access keys in different browsers please visit

Site features

  • Consistent navigation with access keys
  • Scalable text
  • Suitable for screen readers and keyboard support
  • No elements on the site require the use of a mouse, all parts of the site can be accessed with a keyboard
  • Clearly labelled graphics and image maps
  • Correctly labelled tables and forms
  • No flickering or strobing graphics

Text style and size

Some users might find the site easier to read by increasing the size at which text is displayed. To do this you can adjust your browser’s settings by going to the View menu, then select ‘text size’ or ‘text zoom’ or ‘zoom’ and increase the size of the text, or use one of the three sizes provided by the A symbols at the top of each page.

PDF files

These will be opened in a new browser window to allow you to switch between the site and the newly opened page.

Before you can read PDF files you will need Adobe Acrobat viewer which can be downloaded from

For more information about accessibility when using Adobe products please visit


Johnson Matthey Plc endeavours at all times to make the site as accessible as reasonably possible to disabled users. In no way does Johnson Matthey Plc seek to deliberately discriminate against disabled users' access to the website service in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.