Johnson Matthey, a global leader in emission control technologies, won The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development 2014

The Queen's Award was presented at an event to celebrate 40 years since the production of its first autocatalyst at our site in Royston, UK

This prestigious award recognises the company's achievements in developing and manufacturing emission control catalysts using resources efficiently, based on Lean principles and meeting challenging sustainability targets within its operations.

In 2014 the company is also celebrating 40 years since the production of its first autocatalyst – the name given to emission control catalysts used in cars. Johnson Matthey received the award at a 40th anniversary celebration held on its premises in Royston, UK on 20th June 2014.

"This award recognises our cutting-edge technology in automotive emissions control over four decades."Johnson Matthey is known as a pioneer in the field of emissions control having made its first autocatalyst in its Royston facilities in May 1974.

Through constant investment in research and development, Johnson Matthey's emission control products have evolved over time to encompass different fuels and vehicles. Johnson Matthey has retained its position as a world leader, supplying one third of all catalysts for vehicles worldwide.

Johnson Matthey works with customers and vehicle manufacturers, ensuring not only product effectiveness but also that production methods are sustainable.

Sustainable manufacturing

The company has achieved significant advances in its own environmental management, increasing manufacturing sustainability in its autocatalyst production operations, reducing energy intensity and waste to landfill. Furthermore, through engagement with schools and universities, it has improved pupil and student understanding of science and engineering and promoted environmental awareness.

“We feel extremely honoured to have been awarded The Queen's Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development," said Neil Carson, former Chief Executive of Johnson Matthey.

“This highly prestigious award recognises the hard work and dedication of our employees and acknowledges our cutting-edge technology in the field of automotive emissions control over four decades. It also reflects our commitment to sustainability, both in our manufacturing operations and through the action of our emission control products in improving air quality around the world."