Our catalyst technologies enable manufacturers of cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles to meet the latest emissions legislation

Our autocatalysts reduce harmful emissions from cars, trucks and motorcycles
One in three of all cars worldwide are fitted with a Johnson Matthey autocatalyst

More than 90% of new passenger vehicles are now fitted with autocatalysts, one third of which have been supplied by Johnson Matthey.

The catalyst sits in the exhaust system, either near to the engine or further down the tailpipe. Harmful gases are converted to harmless ones in a reaction with the precious metal-containing catalyst.

Gasoline or petrol fuelled vehicles typically use a three-way catalyst, so-called because it converts three pollutants, carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) to carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen. Conversion rates of over 90% are possible.

Diesel engines need a diesel oxidation catalyst to remove CO and hydrocarbons and can also reduce particulate matter, also known as soot, by up to 50%. More effective particulate matter removal is achieved with diesel particulate filter systems.

Johnson Matthey makes all of these different types of autocatalyst and supplies them to car companies around the world.

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