We offer a wide range of catalysts, absorbents and technologies used by customers in the petrochemical and oleochemical industries

Our chemical catalysts facility at Emmerich, Germany
Our chemical catalysts facility at Emmerich, Germany

We develop and manufacture a wide range of chemical catalysts to optimise chemical processes and selected process solutions. We have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities around the world, including at Emmerich, Germany.

We also license technologies including the market leading FORMOX TM process, used for the production of formaldehyde from methanol, and offer bespoke and custom-made catalysts, available at commercial scales.

Product range

Our range includes:

  • Selective and full hydrogenation catalysts and absorbents for olefin processes.
  • Market leading FORMOXTM process technology, catalysts and services for formaldehyde production.
  • Process technologies, base and platinum group metal (pgm) catalysts for oxo-alcohols, solvents and fuels, fluorochemicals and chemical intermediates markets.
  • World leading catalysts for selective and full hydrogenation in the edible oil and oleochemical markets.
  • Catalysts and technologies for the reduction of VOCs, odour removal, COD and hypochlorite destruction.
  • Base and pgm catalysts (including Sponge MetalTM) for polyols, natural detergent alcohols and biorenewables.

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