Our Noble Metals business is a market leader in the fabrication and refining of a wide range of products made of platinum group metals

Noble Metals products, manufactured in the UK, USA and Australia, use the unique properties of platinum group metals; from their high melting points, and resistance to corrosion to their electrical conductivity and biocompatibility. These are used across a multitude of industries, including:

  • Advanced coating technology ceramics for the glass industry.
  • Catalyst gauzes for ammonia oxidation and nitrous oxide abatement in nitric acid production.
  • Crucibles and laboratory apparatus.
  • Fabrications for crystal growth.
  • Medical equipment and components.
  • Sensors.
  • Spark plug electrodes for the automotive industry.

Find out more on the Noble Metals or Medical Device Components websites.

Metal Joining

Metal Joining is a global supplier of brazing filler metals, solders and fluxes. The business also supplies industrial silver and base metal products.