Johnson Matthey’s medical components manufacturing business provides a complete range of capabilities in the fabrication of precious metals, alloys, Nitinol and engineered plastics

Precious metal components used in surgical devices
Precious metal components used in surgical devices

Our products are used in orthopaedic, endoscopy, cardiology, neurology and implant applications.

For example, the business manufactures platinum-iridium devices which are used as electrodes in cardiac pacemakers and neuromodulation devices, and platinum electrodes which are used in defibrillators. Other components are used in catheters and guidewires, which help surgeons during the delicate practice of minimally invasive surgery.

Johnson Matthey also manufactures 'radiopaque marker bands', made of platinum or its alloys, which are placed on catheters and wires to ensure they show up on x-rays and thus allow the surgeon to guide the catheter to the treatment site during surgery.

Product Range

Our product range includes:

  • Wire, rod and ribbon
  • Tubing
  • Sheet and foil
  • Marker bands and ring electrodes
  • Micromachined parts.

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