We design and develop glass materials with highly specified chemical, physical and electronic properties, used across a broad range of industries

Black obscuration enamel for automotive glass
Black obscuration enamel for automotive glass

These products are manufactured by our Advanced Glass Technologies business, part of our Precious Metal Products Division.

Product range

Our product range includes:

  • Automotive glass enamels which are printed around the edge of front and rear windscreens. They are applied to protect the adhesives used to fix the glass to the vehicle which must be obscured to prevent deterioration upon exposure to UV light from the sun.
  • Conductive pastes for a diverse application range, including printed electronics, photovoltaic, touch-screen technologies, flexible circuitry, in-car defogging systems and alarm circuits.
  • Precious metal inks for decorative and functional applications. We supply gold and platinum inks in a variety of formats for application onto glass, ceramic and metal substrates.
  • Technical glass materials supplied in many different physical formats for use in glass ceramic, electronic, fire retardant systems and bespoke industrial applications.
  • Decorative glass enamels and media systems for a variety of substrates, including automotive, architectural and appliance glass.

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