Johnson Matthey Piezo Products manufactures technical ceramics, focusing on the development and production of piezoceramic components and systems

Piezoceramic actuators manufactured by Johnson Matthey
Piezoceramic actuators manufactured by Johnson Matthey

Johnson Matthey has more than 40 years of know-how in the production and application of piezoceramic materials, and has produced more than 100 million units to date.

The piezo effect

The piezoelectric effect is the ability of certain crystalline materials to convert mechanical stress into electrical signals and vice versa.

  • Sensor effect – generates electrical tension by deforming the shape of the ceramic.
  • Actuator effect – changes the ceramic's shape, creating movements and forces, by receiving electrical tension.


Piezoceramic sensors are used where something has to be measured or controlled, for example where signals or knocks have to be detected or counted. It is also possible to use piezoceramic sensors as energy harvesting generators for creating electrical tension.

Piezoceramic actuators are used in applications that require relatively small movements and forces. Johnson Matthey supplies piezoceramic actuators for automotive applications, textiles manufacturing, medical devices and industrial products.

Piezoceramic actuators can also be used to create ultrasonic waves for atomising fluids used in a variety of applications, including medical aerosols and cooling fluids.

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