Our vision is for a world that's cleaner and healthier; today and for future generations


Our ambition is to be one of the best performing, most trusted and admired speciality chemicals companies in the world.

  • We are proud of our products and technologies, how our customers use them and the positive impact they have on our planet.
  • We are passionate about how science can enable global solutions for clean air, improved health and make the most efficient use of our planet's natural resources.
  • This is central to our purpose to apply inspiring science to enhance life.
  • Our strategy is designed to achieve this.
  • Our strategy is to deliver sustainable growth using our existing market leading technologies and through developing the next generation of technologies to meet the global challenges and opportunities from:
    Clean Air
    Efficient Natural Resources

We are a technology leader in four fundamental areas of science:

  1. Precious metal chemistry and metallurgy
  2. Surface chemistry
  3. Materials characterisation and testing
  4. Material design and engineering

Our business

What we do and how we deliver our strategy

Johnson Matthey is a global leader in science that enables cleaner air, improved health and more efficient use of natural resources. We:


We have built a sustainable business platform to do this by:

  • Investing in research and development and capital expenditure to enhance our existing technologies and to develop new technologies which will diversify our offer
  • Building the strong, collaborative customer relationships which form part of Johnson Matthey's reputation. We leverage these relationships over time for our benefit and the benefit of our customers
  • Creating flexible operations. We invest to move from lab to production at scale through efficient global manufacturing operations in accordance with our strategy, our values and our sustainable business goals
  • Increasing our effectiveness in all areas from cost to cash, from health and safety to the impact we have on the environment and our stakeholders.


of capital expenditure


gross R&D investment


of sales from products with sustainability benefits

Our values

Our values highlight what’s important to us, what makes us distinctive and they explain what it’s like to work at Johnson Matthey.

Health and safety is our priority

We focus on protecting our people

By working together, we can protect our employees, suppliers, customers and communities, and improve our health and safety performance. This is essential for our future success.


Doing the right thing is important to us

At Johnson Matthey we are proud of our reputation for integrity, built over 200 years, and as our business grows we will continue to follow our predecessors' honest, safe and successful way of working.

Ability and innovation

We seek and value talented people

We need talented people to deliver the scientific, technical and business innovations that continue to fuel our growth. We develop and draw on each other's talents and collaborate to create value for ourselves and our stakeholders.

Recognition and development

Anyone from anywhere can progress

We want to ensure that doing a good job and delivering results with a commitment to our company values are recognised and rewarded, whoever you are and wherever you are in the company. We provide opportunities for personal growth and career development in a successful company.

Freedom to act

Anyone with a good business case can realise their ideas

We genuinely give people the freedom to take action, obtain resources and implement ideas. This helps the company, and our people, grow through encouraging innovation and leadership. We trust and respect each other's judgment and expertise and support those who act and deliver.

The best of big and small

We have big company resources but apply small company methods

We keep it simple, straightforward and personal, but have the stability and support that comes with being a successful global organisation. We treat our customers as people and they find us easy to work with.