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Davy Process Technology

When a chemical manufacturer decides to build a new plant or make a new product it wants to operate the plant and make the product in the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way. Davy Process Technology (DPT) develops processes that chemical manufacturers can use to help them design and build their plant and then run it at optimum efficiency. DPT licenses this process technology to its customers and works with them as they use it to guide the construction and operation of their plant. In effect, DPT provides its customers with the flowsheet, or blueprint, for their process.

Continued investment in R&D is vital to DPT’s success, enabling it to maintain a portfolio of highly advanced chemical process technologies. During 2011/12 DPT secured 14 licences and commissioned five new plants. Its engineers are now working with Nanjing Bluestar New Chemical Material Co. Ltd. in China to commission a new plant (pictured) for manufacturing three products – tetrahydrofuran, butanediol and gamma butyrolactone which have uses as solvents and in the production of polymers to make items such as training shoes, car parts, Spandex fibres and in the pharmaceutical industry. This is a second plant for Nanjing Bluestar, the first having been successfully commissioned by Nanjing Bluestar and DPT in 2009.

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