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Growing Our People

It is Johnson Matthey’s people that make the company successful and it is their knowledge, expertise and contributions that drive the business forward.

Developing our employees and providing an environment which motivates them to contribute and stay with the company is fundamental to the group’s long term performance. At Johnson Matthey we aim to provide interesting and challenging jobs to grow our people personally and professionally in a supportive culture where everyone is encouraged to reach their full potential.

Our learning and development strategy has always included a balance of workplace based experience, personal development support and feedback, as well as more structured training programmes to build employees’ skills and encourage collaboration and networking with their colleagues across the group.

During 2011/12 we have introduced a number of new global and regional programmes aimed at introducing new graduates to the business, developing our manufacturing personnel and building leadership capacity in our major regions. We are continuing to refresh and expand our people development activities on a global basis to support future growth and the increasing global reach of our business.

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