Report of the Directors
Business Review

Delivering Value

Developing the Next Generation
of Sustainable Products

Research and development efforts at Johnson Matthey are focused on the development of new, more sustainable products for our customers. With continued interest around the world in the development of fuels from renewable resources, our scientists are applying their expertise in catalysis to develop cost competitive routes to hydrocarbon fuels derived from non-food biomass.

In one collaborative research project, which is funded by the US Department of Energy, we are investigating technology that turns carbon dioxide into liquid transportation fuels. Organisms, such as algae, are highly efficient at converting carbon dioxide into fatty acids and triglycerides and at Johnson Matthey we are developing state of the art catalysts that will convert those fatty acids and triglycerides into hydrocarbon fuels.

The project aims to develop technology that is not only cost competitive with petroleum derived fuels, but that is also more sustainable than existing biofuels. Progress to date has been showcased at the recent ARPA-e Energy Innovation summit in Washington, US where a half litre sample of biorenewable diesel, produced using Johnson Matthey’s patented catalyst technology, was on display.

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