Report of the Directors
Business Review


By the nature of our business activities, Johnson Matthey has very little negative impact on the biodiversity of terrestrial, freshwater and marine environments. We do not have any manufacturing facilities located in areas of significant ecoimportance and we have not identified any major biodiversity issues in our supply chains as we do not source large volumes of naturally derived substances. Consequently, at this stage, we do not consider biodiversity to be amongst the most material issues for our business.

As part of all significant investments and acquisitions, we complete a detailed environmental impact assessment. In addition, all our manufacturing sites that have an ISO 14001 compliant management system undertake an environmental impacts assessment that formally identifies how their operations may have an effect upon local biodiversity. Over the years, we have managed a number of projects looking at improving biodiversity at our operating sites.

During the year, we have completed a benchmarking study to assess our position on biodiversity with that of appropriate peer group companies and believe that our position is both pragmatic and consistent with other similar businesses. We continue to monitor regulation, policy, codes and standards in this area to ensure that we maintain awareness of, and respond to, any emerging issues.

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