Report of the Directors
Business Review

Environmental Aims and Targets

The group will continue to manage environmental impacts in the context of an expanding business by building on the best practice examples of performance improvement delivered so far, integration of lean manufacturing principles, process intensification and step change manufacturing technologies. This work will be supported by the group’s global Manufacturing Excellence programme.

Our environment related priorities for 2012/13 are to:

These priorities will be addressed by checking and focusing on them during site audits and by ongoing communication with facilities throughout the year to promote good practice and encourage the integration of sustainable technologies.

At group level, we will also continue our participation in trade association collaborations and work with general managers at our facilities to ensure compliance with upcoming changes in environmental legislation.

Our Colour Technologies business manufactures black obscuration enamels which are used in automotive glass applications.

Manufacturing operations at our Catalysts and Chemicals business’ West Deptford site in the USA.

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