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Verification and Assurance – Non-Financial Data


The board reviews corporate social responsibility issues as part of its risk management process. The board believes that the measures taken to review the non-financial information provide a suitable level of confidence.

Certain human resources data forms part of Johnson Matthey’s accounts which are subject to external audit. Other human resources data, community investment data and information relating to charitable donations is reviewed and verified by internal experts.

Health and safety data is reviewed by group health and safety experts and as part of the group environment, health and safety (EHS) audit programme. Environmental data is reviewed by group environmental experts and as part of the group EHS audit programme.

All data is reviewed by internal sustainability experts and at appropriate levels of management up to and including the Chief Executive’s Committee.

Johnson Matthey utilises external specialists on specific sustainability issues. Over the past year this has included external audits or reviews of people management systems, health and safety (OHSAS 18001) and environmental management systems (ISO 14001).


Johnson Matthey commissioned Corporate Citizenship to provide external assurance and commentary on the company’s sustainability reporting, comprising the non-financial aspects of this year’s annual report and related content on the company’s website. Johnson Matthey has chosen to use the AA1000 assurance standard, AA1000AS (2008), as the reference standard for this year’s assurance.

Corporate Citizenship has evaluated the nature and extent of adherence to the AA1000AS principles of inclusivity, materiality and responsiveness, as well as the quality of Johnson Matthey’s sustainability performance reporting. The criteria used to assure the sustainability performance data were the GRI G3 Principles for Defining Report Quality and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard (Revised Edition) for greenhouse gas reporting.

Based on the work undertaken, Corporate Citizenship has concluded that Johnson Matthey’s sustainability reporting, as outlined above, reflects the principles of AA1000 (2008): inclusivity, materiality and responsiveness. Click here to read the full version of Corporate Citizenship’s AA1000 Assurance Statement, which includes opinions on Johnson Matthey’s adherence to each AA1000AS principle, as well as detailed assurance commentary.

Corporate Citizenship

31st May 2012


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