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Johnson Matthey’s strategic intent is to deliver superior long term growth through technology leadership. For us, delivering ‘superior long term growth’ means growing our business ahead of the underlying growth rates of our key markets.

There are five major themes directing Johnson Matthey’s strategy:

In late 2010 the group reviewed its strategy. This review involved a detailed examination of the group’s past performance, its key strengths and the attributes that make it successful. Global megatrends impacting the world around us that will drive growth for the company were considered and the key strategic opportunities arising from these were identified. From this, the group’s strategic direction for the next ten years was defined.

Read more on the strategy review process on pages 8 to 13 of our 2011 Annual Report and Accounts or online at

Inspecting heavy duty diesel catalysts.

The washcoat preparation area at our Smithfield facility in Pennsylvania, USA.

State of the art technologies at Smithfield for manufacturing heavy duty diesel catalysts.

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