Report of the Directors
Business Review

Stakeholder Engagement

Johnson Matthey has a wide range of stakeholders with an interest in hearing from or working with the company at both a corporate and business level. Our stakeholders include any person or organisation that may interact with, or have an interest in, Johnson Matthey and include customers, employees and their representatives, suppliers, fund managers, shareholders, communities, governments, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and national and international trade associations. The company is also engaged with national and local government to inform the development of policy in areas where our technology and products can play a pivotal role. Johnson Matthey meets regularly with its major shareholders, as described in the Corporate Governance Report on pages 98 and 99, to discuss the performance and development of the group’s businesses, including matters relating to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

We aim to provide meaningful and transparent communications to meet the needs of all stakeholder groups and deliver information to them in the most appropriate format. These formats may include annual performance reports, participation in performance indices (Carbon Disclosure Project, FTSE4Good, for example) or one to one discussions on specific topics. In March 2012 the company launched its new corporate website. The site has been developed to provide more in depth information for all stakeholder groups with enhanced navigation to enable users to find the information they need more quickly. We communicate with our stakeholders throughout the year and engagement is integrated into our business decision making processes. This 360 degree dialogue is essential in providing all parties with a rounded view of all material issues and helps all to shape their actions and strategies to move forward on these matters. For further details on our stakeholder engagement activities, including a stakeholder map, visit the company’s website.

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