Report of the Directors
Business Review

Performance Summary

  2013 2012 % change
Incidence of greater than three day accidents per 1,000 employees 2.68 2.381 +13
Total number of accidents that resulted in lost time 50 581 -14
Total accident rate per 1,000 employees 4.97 6.001 -17
Total lost time accident incident rate per 100,000 hours worked 0.25 0.291 -14
Total number of accident days lost per 1,000 employees 137 90 +52
Incidence of occupational illness cases per 1,000 employees 2.7 3.5 -23
Restated due to reclassification in 2012/13 of accidents that were reported during 2011/12.

Johnson Matthey is committed to minimising the health and safety related impacts for employees, customers, communities and other stakeholders arising from our operations and from the use of our products.

Many of Johnson Matthey’s products and services make a contribution to enhancing general health and wellbeing or provide safety benefits. We manufacture a range of products used in medical applications. These include opiate based active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for pain relief, such as morphine and codeine, platinum based anticancer compounds for chemotherapy treatments, other controlled substance APIs, components used in medical devices which are used to assist with surgery or treat long term medical conditions and Bitrex®, the world’s bitterest substance, which is added to household cleaning products to prevent accidental swallowing by children. Our emission control catalysts, which are used to reduce harmful emissions from vehicles and industrial processes, have a major impact on air quality for millions of people around the world.

Targets to improve health and safety performance are a key part of our Sustainability 2017 Vision. The group aims to achieve zero greater than three day lost time accidents and zero cases of occupational illness. In order to meet these aspirations, long term health and safety improvement plans and performance indicators have been established.

Managing Performance and Driving Continuous Improvement

Johnson Matthey is primarily a manufacturing business and a significant proportion of our employees work in production environments with chemicals and process machinery. Rigorous policies, systems and processes apply across all our facilities to monitor and manage health and safety performance and to drive continuous improvement.

Proactively managing health and safety delivers value for our business in many ways. It can assist in the avoidance or reduction of liability claims, potential legal exposure, concerns over the cost of insurance premiums and external pressures from insurance companies. In addition, it helps to support maintenance of the group’s corporate reputation, the expectations of its customers and in meeting government targets. Most importantly it supports our ethical obligations to our employees and other stakeholders and, when effectively managed, can have a positive impact on staff morale, attendance, recruitment and retention and on our productivity, efficiency and quality of service.

Manufacturing process catalysts at our facility in Panki, India.

Manufacturing platinum group metal salts in Shangahi, China.

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