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Responsible Care and Regulatory Matters

Responsible Care

Johnson Matthey has aligned its operating practices with the principles of Responsible Care® (as defined in the Global Charter developed by the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA)) and with sustainable development goals and guiding principles (for example those outlined by the UK Chemical Industries Association in its ‘Chemistry of Sustainability’ report).

Responsible Care® is a voluntary programme in which companies commit to continuously improve their environmental, health and safety performance. It places particular emphasis on product stewardship and sustainability, and communication with stakeholders about their products and processes.

During the year, one of our facilities at our West Deptford, USA site successfully achieved certification to the internationally recognised RC 14001 standard. An expansion of ISO 14001, RC 14001 addresses environmental, health, safety and security issues and aligns well with Johnson Matthey’s Sustainability 2017 targets. West Deptford is the first Johnson Matthey site to pursue and achieve accreditation.

Regulatory Matters

Chemical Control Regulations (REACH, GHS, TSCA and Related Standards)

As we approach the next EU REACH regulation milestone in 2015, which covers medium tonnage substances, we have progressed our testing and evaluation programmes and our related registrations are all on track to meet the deadline. We have continued to participate in industry consortia to maximise data sharing opportunities, minimise testing and reduce costs. Preparations for compliance with new Asian REACH equivalents are also progressing well.

The US implementation of the Globally Harmonised System (GHS) for chemical classification and hazard communication phases in from the end of 2013. During the year we have made significant advances in implementing the associated workplace and hazard communication requirements, including appropriate systems and training, for this major regulatory system.

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