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Verification of Non-Financial Data

For a number of years the group has sought to collect and present certain non-financial data in respect of human resources, health and safety and environmental metrics as a means to demonstrate internally and externally our performance as a responsible business. We have continued to consider the metrics we present, the basis of measurement and the processes of collection and consolidation with a view to standardising and improving the relevance and quality of the metrics presented, and to further improve our processes in this area.

Certain human resources data forms part of Johnson Matthey’s accounts which are subject to external audit. Other human resources data, community investment data and information relating to charitable donations is reviewed and verified by internal experts.

Health and safety data is reviewed by group health and safety experts and as part of the group environment, health and safety (EHS) audit programme. Environmental data is reviewed by group environmental experts and as part of the group EHS audit programme.

All data is reviewed by internal sustainability experts and at appropriate levels of management up to and including the Chief Executive’s Committee.

Johnson Matthey utilises external specialists on specific sustainability issues. Over the past year this has included external audits or reviews of people management systems, health and safety (OHSAS 18001) and environmental management systems (ISO 14001).

The board reviews corporate social responsibility issues as part of its risk management process. This year we changed our assurance partner to further challenge the robustness of our non-financial data. The new provider has identified certain areas where improvements can be made to our data collection processes at a site level and also to ensure consistency across the group. As a result, whilst we have collected, internally reviewed and presented the data on the same basis as in 2011/12, we are not providing an assurance statement for 2012/13. The board is considering the implications of the recommendations made by our assurance partner in the context of our future reporting.

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