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  • About Johnson Matthey

  • Johnson Matthey is a leader in sustainable technologies. We focus on clean air, clean energy and low carbon technologies and are experts in the application and recycling of precious metals. We invest in R&D to develop high technology products that enhance the quality of life for millions of people around the world.

  • Johnson Matthey is a global speciality chemicals company. We have operations in over 30 countries
    and employ around
    11,000 people worldwide.

    The group is organised into
    three global divisions:

  • Building a Sustainable Business


    Must be profitable to be sustainable
    Sustainability initiatives can be cost efficient too

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    Employee development
    and wellbeing, recruitment
    Supporting communities,
    safeguarding reputation

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    Health and Safety

    Protecting employees,
    customers and communities
    Beneficial products

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    Responsible operations
    Beneficial products

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    Well run business

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    Delivering Value.

    A Vision for Sustainability

    Our goal at Johnson Matthey is to grow our business – but to grow it sustainably. Sustainability is a key element of our strategy for continued growth and we believe that the resource efficient, environmentally responsible manufacturing of products that offer sustainability benefits for our customers can leverage commercial advantage for the group and deliver superior value.

    All across the group, employees are engaged in sustainability programmes focused on designing and manufacturing our products more efficiently using fewer resources and on developing improved, more efficient products for our customers.

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  • A Truly Global Company

    Johnson Matthey sells its products globally which provides stability in times of regional market uncertainty. Year on year we are increasing our sales to developing markets and expanding our operations to support this global growth.


    Sales in Asia in 2012/13.

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    Sales by Region

  • Investing in R&D

    At Johnson Matthey, we invest heavily in research and development (R&D). We recognise that this investment is vital if we are to realise new market opportunities over the years ahead. Our ability to innovate and differentiate through technology underpins our future success.


    Gross spend on R&D in 2012/13.

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  • Focused on Key Markets

    Johnson Matthey is focused on its key markets where we can add value through applying our expertise in catalysis and platinum group metal chemistry. This approach enables us to maintain differentiation through technology and achieve leading industry positions with high margin products.


    Growth in heavy duty diesel catalyst sales in 2012/13.

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    Sales by Key Market

  • Sustainability 2017

    Sustainability 2017 is Johnson Matthey’s vision for building a sustainable business and includes challenging targets to support future growth. We aim to double our underlying earnings per share while cutting carbon intensity by half, achieving zero waste to landfill and halving the key resources that we consume per unit of output by 2017, the 200th anniversary of the company’s foundation. We also aim to eliminate accidents and occupational illness cases across the group.


    Savings from sustainability initiatives to date.

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  • A Leader in Sustainable Technologies

    Johnson Matthey is focused on developing products that deliver sustainability benefits to our customers and to society. Today, some 88% of the group’s sales represent products and services which provide sustainability benefits through their positive impact on the environment, resource efficiency or our health.


    Sales from products providing sustainability
    benefits in 2012/13.

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    Sales by Area of Beneficial Impact

  • Manufacturing Excellence

    Manufacturing is the way we bring our science to life and our Manufacturing Excellence programme is focused on ensuring we run our manufacturing operations with the highest efficiency. Through Manufacturing Excellence we aim to boost efficiency, reduce manufacturing costs, develop our people and support delivery of our Sustainability 2017 targets.


    Employees working in manufacturing operations.

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