Report of the Directors
Business Review

Johnson Matthey is a leading speciality
chemicals company underpinned by
science, technology and our people.

The group is a leader in sustainable technologies and many of our products enhance the quality of life for millions through their beneficial impact on the environment, health and wellbeing. Technology leadership forms the basis of Johnson Matthey’s strategy to deliver superior long term growth and we continue to invest in R&D to develop the next generation of sustainable products for our customers. To us, good performance is not just about profit. It’s about running our business in the most sustainable and responsible way and so we have identified five elements of sustainability which have a material impact on our business. In this report we will update you on our progress.

Building a Sustainable Business


Must be profitable to be sustainable
Sustainability initiatives can be cost efficient too

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Employee development
and wellbeing, recruitment
Supporting communities,
safeguarding reputation

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Health and Safety

Protecting employees,
customers and communities
Beneficial products

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Responsible operations
Beneficial products

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Well run business
Transparent reporting

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Delivering Value.
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