Report of the Directors
Business Review

Performance Summary

    2013 2012
Average number of employees   10,498 9,914
Total employee turnover1 % 9.1 11.7
Voluntary employee turnover1 % 6.5 6.4
Employee gender (female)2 % 25 22
Gender of new recruits (female) % 25 25
Trade union representation % 31 35
Training days per employee   2.7 3.1
Training spend per employee3 £ 433 335
Internal promotions % of all recruitment in year 36 35
Attendance days lost per employee 5.2 5.0
Charitable donations £ thousands 615 645
Employee turnover is calculated by reference to the total number of leavers during the year expressed as a percentage of the average number of people employed during the year. The analysis does not include agency workers not directly employed by Johnson Matthey.
At 31st March.
Training spend does not include the cost of in house training or the cost of employees’ wages during training.

In Johnson Matthey there is a strong tradition of looking after our employees, of good community relations and of engaging with our stakeholders. We recognise that in order to operate in a socially sustainable manner, our actions and our policies must be focused on the long term benefits to employees, suppliers, customers, communities and other stakeholders.

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