Report of the Directors
Business Review

Social Aims and Targets

We will continue to improve our recruitment processes globally to ensure that we are well placed to recruit high calibre employees in all our regions. We will further develop our online presence and broaden the use of digital media to enhance users’ experience and encourage interest in our business.

Alongside our efforts on recruitment, employee development at all levels will remain a key priority to ensure we retain high potential and high performing staff and equip them with the technical and leadership capabilities needed to achieve the company’s strategic goals. Priorities will be to:

We will also begin to increase awareness of Johnson Matthey’s culture and company values and integrate and reinforce them where appropriate in our communications, development programmes and recruitment activities.

The group wide launch of myJM provides exciting opportunities to more effectively support a wide range of employee development and engagement initiatives. Priorities will be to:

Community investment remains an important aspect of building a sustainable business and following the introduction of our community investment strategy and policy our priorities are to:

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