Report of the Directors
Business Review

Stakeholder Engagement

Johnson Matthey has a wide range of stakeholders with an interest in hearing from or working with the company at both a corporate and business level. Our stakeholders include any person or organisation that may interact with, or have an interest in, Johnson Matthey and include customers, employees and their representatives, suppliers, fund managers, shareholders, communities, governments, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and national and international trade associations. We are also engaged with national and local government to inform the development of policy in areas where our technology and products can play a pivotal role. Johnson Matthey meets regularly with our major shareholders, as described in the Corporate Governance Report, to discuss the performance and development of the group’s businesses, including matters relating to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. During the year we met with a number of socially responsible investment (SRI) fund managers where discussion focused more specifically on our sustainability programmes, the beneficial impacts of our products and the social, environmental and ethical risks and opportunities for the business.

We aim to provide meaningful and transparent communications to meet the needs of all stakeholder groups and present information to them in the most appropriate format. These formats may include annual performance reports, participation in performance indices (for example Carbon Disclosure Project, FTSE4Good), responses to specific surveys and questionnaires or one to one discussions on specific topics. Following the launch of our new corporate website in March 2012 we have continued to develop the content available to stakeholders and have recently launched a mobile version of the website. In the early part of 2013/14 we are contacting a number of shareholders to seek feedback on our website with a view to incorporating further improvements. In June 2012 we launched an ‘Investor Relations Briefcase’ iPad app. The app features Johnson Matthey’s most recent press releases, presentations and reports in an easy to access tablet friendly form and has been extremely well received by our stakeholders. This year we are also providing a tablet friendly pdf of this annual report, available via the app, with navigation and search facilities tailored specifically for viewing on the iPad.

We communicate with our stakeholders throughout the year and engagement is integrated into our business decision making processes. This 360 degree dialogue is essential in providing all parties with a rounded view of all material issues and helps all to shape their actions and strategies to move forward on these matters.

For further details on our stakeholder engagement activities, including a stakeholder map, visit our website.

Johnson Matthey is not a household name and, as a result, we receive a very limited number of requests for information from the general public. However, we recognise the value to our business of building an understanding of the positive impact of our products and of how our industry can provide a stimulating and rewarding career. We therefore undertake some engagement activities with the general public, usually through third party organisations, examples of which are given throughout this section of the report and on our website.

Developments in 2012/13

We have continued to see evidence this year of the increasing importance of governance matters in our supply chains and have completed a number of questionnaires received from our customers and suppliers regarding our social, environmental and ethical practices. We believe that interest and requests for information from our supply chains will only continue to increase. Work is underway to develop an internal database to capture data and details of these requests so that we can maintain our level of responsiveness as their frequency increases.

We remain actively involved with the key trade associations and industry organisations that are connected with our business activities including the UK Chemical Industries Association, the Pgm Health Science Research Group, the Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change, the International Platinum Group Metals Association and Eurometaux, the association servicing and representing the European non-ferrous metals industry. We also work closely and seek mentorship from NGOs such as Forum for the Future.

We believe this approach provides an effective way of understanding, shaping, participating and contributing to a range of discussion areas relevant to our stakeholders, and those of the broader industry and market sectors in which we operate. Our involvement and discussions may cover areas such as climate change, developing regulation, legislation, health and safety, standards and guidance. Emerging issues that may have a material impact on our industry sectors and businesses are carefully considered. Examples of our involvement are illustrated in the following case studies.

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