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Our People and Culture

Recent graduate recruits in China undertake team projects on the GO JM programme.

Building a Solid Foundation for the Future

“On joining Johnson Matthey in Shanghai 12 months ago I was keen to understand how the company has been successful for almost two hundred years, even in the face of some of the most severe economic conditions.

A few months later I was invited to attend the ‘GO JM’ programme and was excited at the opportunity to learn more about the company and meet my fellow employees.

The ‘GO’ in GO JM stands for group orientation and is a three day programme run by Johnson Matthey in China and Europe to enable recent graduates to build their business skills and knowledge of the group.

GO JM gave me a really good overview of Johnson Matthey and its businesses in a fun and engaging way. I gained an insight into the company’s values and culture and learned more about its leading position in sustainable technologies. The focus on developing products that enhance quality of life through their positive impact on the environment and human health makes me feel very proud to work for Johnson Matthey.

During the programme, senior employees from different divisions shared their career experiences with us and this has provided me with ideas for my future development in Johnson Matthey. I also had the opportunity to present details of my own projects during the three days. GO JM has given me a good platform from which to establish my first network of relationships and contacts across Johnson Matthey’s different businesses and I am looking forward to developing my career in the company.

There are good opportunities to grow our business, especially here in China, and I am excited to play my part in realising them as we approach our third century of operation.”

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