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Global Drivers

Our high precision fabricated products are used in components for medical devices such as cardiac pacemakers.

Driving Demand for Pain Management and Medical Device Components

“The global population is increasing and ageing. The average age looks set to continue to rise and people around the world are living longer and leading unhealthier lifestyles. Unfortunately, as a result, they are likely to suffer from more chronic diseases and illnesses. As economies, particularly in Asia, continue to develop, governments there are increasingly able to provide improved healthcare. In the west, budget deficits are forcing governments to control their spend in all areas, including healthcare, and as a consequence there is a shift away from branded drugs, in favour of lower cost generic medicines.

These global trends will positively impact the need for pharmaceutical products, especially those to manage pain, and minimally invasive surgical procedures which are used to treat conditions such as heart disease, chronic pain, hypertension, hearing impairments and neurological disorders. These, in turn, will drive demand for a number of Johnson Matthey’s products.

We have leading positions in narcotic based pain therapy and are well placed to benefit from global industry drivers over the coming years. The majority of our sales today are to customers in the US and Europe, but there are opportunities for future growth in emerging markets.

Our high precision products, which are used in components for medical devices such as cardiac pacemakers, play an important part in enabling more efficient surgical procedures that are also more comfortable for both patient and practitioner.

As the ageing population continues to grow, Johnson Matthey is well positioned to respond to increased demand for the pain management products and medical device components which help deliver quality of life benefits for many people around the world.”

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