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Our People and Culture

‘Dr Jim’ is the myJM mascot. The ‘superhero in a labcoat’ has been created to help promote uptake of the new tool amongst employees.

Making the Connection with myJM

“Since November 2012 I have been using myJM, Johnson Matthey’s new web based collaboration and networking tool. It’s already enabling me to work more effectively and connect more easily with my colleagues around the world.

I work in Johnson Matthey’s Technology Forecasting and Information (TFI) group and our role is to provide employees with the right information and knowledge to make technical and commercial decisions. Although I am based in the UK, I am responsible for technology and market information for China so, as you can imagine, in the past, communication and sharing information mainly consisted of emails with many file attachments.

With myJM, my TFI colleague in China and I can work on the same documents and we are both able to share our work more easily with our fellow employees. This has really helped improve our workflow.

TFI gathers and holds a considerable amount of information. In the past, making this available to the wider Johnson Matthey group has been difficult. With myJM we are able to open up this information, where appropriate, to more people in the company with the added bonus that they can search and filter it to quickly find what they need.

As an information provider to the whole of Johnson Matthey, making sure people know who we are and how we can help them is key. With myJM I have my own profile where I can share details of my expertise. What’s better is that I can search the profiles of others to see if anyone already has any information or knowledge in the areas which I am working on. I’m also posting blogs to keep people up to date with news and developments from our group.

For a growing company with around 11,000 people in over 30 different countries, there are real business benefits from being able to connect and collaborate more easily. Overall, myJM has had a really positive impact on the way that I work – I don’t know how I ever managed without it!”

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