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Manufacturing Excellence

Changing the safety culture at the West Whiteland manufacturing site has been a real team effort with everyone getting involved and making a contribution.

Manufacturing Excellence – Much More Than Just Improving Efficiency

“Manufacturing Excellence is Johnson Matthey’s group wide programme to improve efficiency, reduce costs and develop the people within our manufacturing operations. I’ve been Operations Director at our Noble Metals’ manufacturing site in West Whiteland, USA for six years and whilst our team has delivered improvements over the years, the introduction of Manufacturing Excellence has already had a real impact – but not entirely in the way we first imagined.

Health and safety is hugely important for us and we’d been focusing on reducing lost time accidents for some time. We’d made good progress but it was clear that more must be done if we were to achieve our target of zero accidents – we needed to change the culture on site and reinforce safety as our number one priority.

Manufacturing Excellence is not just about improving production efficiency, it’s also about developing people and in June 2012 I attended the Manufacturing Excellence workshop on Leading Successful Change. This provided me with the basis of a plan to change the safety culture at West Whiteland.

Back on site we began by organising group sessions so that everyone understood the challenge. We established a team to obtain quick wins and build momentum, then carried out an assessment of our safety culture. All of this was supported by ongoing engagement with employees and the implementation of their recommendations for improvement along the way.

Over the last year, as a result of these actions and the lessons I learned from the workshop, the site has gone from a high of seven lost time accidents to only one and we have set a record low number of recordable injuries. We still have more work to do as we strive for zero accidents, but I can honestly say that things have changed for the better.”

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