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Continued investment in R&D enables Johnson Matthey to develop the complex catalyst systems that are required to meet ever tightening emissions legislation.

Research and Development – The Key to Cleaner Air

“In the Emission Control Technologies business we create catalysts that prevent harmful pollutants from vehicles entering the atmosphere. Our catalysts are highly technical and complex systems which perform multiple complex chemical reactions simultaneously. Not only that, they do this under the harsh and variable operating conditions within a vehicle’s exhaust system.

Emissions control is an area that is driven strongly by legislation and as governments around the world remain focused on improving air quality, regulations to control pollutants from vehicles continue to tighten. Tighter legislation means that we must demand more and more from our catalysts – we need them to perform better, tackle new pollutants and do so in a tighter operating window. That’s why our R&D efforts are so key.

Over the years, through continued investment in R&D, we have established a reputation for technology leadership and, in turn, a leading position in the global market for emission control catalysts. With new legislation due to come into force over the next few years we continue to create new, higher technology products in which we optimise the amount of valuable precious metals in our catalysts to deliver the highest performance in terms of emissions control. Through this R&D, Johnson Matthey not only enables its customers to meet the legislation, it also plays its part in providing improved air quality for us all.”

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