Johnson Matthey’s long tradition of apprenticeships continues at our Zurich sales office, which runs an apprenticeship scheme to give three young people commercial training

Apprentices in Zurich

Sales is a highly skilled activity in industry that requires a whole host of complementary knowledge and experience. So Johnson Matthey's long tradition of apprenticeships comes into its own at the company's Zurich sales office, which runs an apprenticeship scheme to give three young people three years' commercial training.

The apprentices work alongside the other 23 Johnson Matthey employees in Zurich and learn a wide range of office based skills. They gain work experience in purchasing / sales, import / export, precious metals / currencies and day to day business processes.

The apprentices usually work three days a week in the office and spend two days at college. They have the opportunity to use the three languages they learn at school and college in a working environment and their subjects include IT, law and business studies. They are assessed on their business skills as well as on their academic subjects for their final qualification.

An apprenticeship with the Zurich office is valuable step towards a future career. The apprentices receive a modest salary and get their college fees paid. With good grades, they can move on to higher education once they have completed the scheme, but the business will typically offer them jobs as sales assistants.

The apprenticeship scheme is beneficial to both parties. The business is able to recruit young people with the right qualifications and hands on experience from within the company. In this way, recruitment costs are cut and for the apprentices, there is the bonus of beginning their careers debt free, with practical experience.