Our graduates get the opportunity to work for a world leading catalyst manufacturer. It’s a real job with real responsibilities with training and support to help you develop your full potential

What does ECT do?

Emission Control Technologies (ECT) is dedicated to developing advanced catalytic solutions to meet ever tightening emission legislations. We are a leading supplier to our customers and strive to deliver high quality services and products.

Where we are

Manufacturing takes place in Argentina, China, Germany, India, Japan, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, UK and USA.

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We have research and development facilities located in Brazil, China, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Sweden, UK and USA.

Who we're looking for

We recruit graduates with the same passion and drive as us, who demonstrate initiative, motivation and commitment. If you have the relevant qualifications or practical experience, we will provide you with the challenge and support to develop your career.

What our graduates do

As a graduate, you will have a real job, delivering a real service to your customers. You will have a range of projects and responsibilities which support not only the business needs but also your on-going professional development.

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Find out more about our product offering at the Emission Control Technologies website.