Jonny joined Johnson Matthey as a graduate in 2011 working as a fuel cell market analyst before moving to corporate communications in late 2013

Jonny Wing

Jonny Wing, BSc Environmental Science from the University of Reading; joined Johnson Matthey in April 2011 as a fuel cell market analyst.

Fuel cell market analysis

What's it like to work for Johnson Matthey? We took a video camera to our site at Royston to find out what graduate and fuel cell market analyst Jonny Wing thinks...

Digital communications

How has your career progressed since the video was filmed?

With two and a half years of experience under my belt from Fuel Cell Today I was looking for ways to apply my skills at a broader level within Johnson Matthey.

Fuel Cell Today was an online-only operation and my skills in content creation and curation, website management, social media strategy and brand image management were an obvious fit for Corporate Communications.

Following a four month secondment with the team in the London office I was appointed Digital Communications Officer in December 2013.

What does your new role involve?

As well as supporting the wider initiatives of the Corporate Communications team, I work on the adoption and development of Johnson Matthey's social intranet and collaborative workspace, myJM. The system helps employees collaborate effectively across business units and countries. I also work on the maintenance and development of the website as well as Johnson Matthey's other digital channels.

What's next?

The amount of work on the plate of the Corporate Communications team is ever-growing, and I'm excited to see how my role will change and develop over the coming years. Johnson Matthey offers a wealth of personal development and training opportunities, which I hope to make the most of, with a goal of entering management.