After joining Emission Control Technologies in 2005 as a Development Chemist, John has helped develop several successful products and is now applying his skills to different technologies in a new role

John Goodwin, MChem from the University of East Anglia; joined Johnson Matthey in 2005 as a Development Chemist

After graduating with a MChem from the University of East Anglia and a brief spell as an Associate Scientist at the Transport Research Laboratory, I joined Johnson Matthey Emission Control Technologies (ECT) in 2005. For me this was an exciting opportunity to combine a degree and interest in chemistry with my passion for cars and all things automotive!

My first role was as a Development Chemist working in the product development of Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOC's) for light duty diesel passenger cars. Almost immediately I found myself working on some fast paced and key projects providing after treatment solutions for customers to meet European legislative limits.

In this role I contributed to the development of numerous business winning products. This was very rewarding to eventually know that my catalysts were being fitted to cars and making a positive difference to the environment. To this day I enjoy the applied nature of my work. After a couple of promotions I found myself leading a small team and having a larger input to the direction of DOC product development and light duty diesel emissions after treatment.

Applying knowledge to a new area

After over seven years working in the diesel team I wanted to apply my skills and product development knowledge to a different technology area to further progress my career. In April 2013 I was appointed Principal Scientist for Gasoline Product Development. I am currently responsible for the chemistry team of the gasoline product development group at Royston and lead technical programmes for new Three Way Catalyst (TWC) and Three Way Filter (TWFTM) products for existing and future legislation. I also provide customer support to the European region and ensure my group has good collaboration with other JM technology groups and our technology centres globally.

Thoughts on Johnson Matthey

One of the great things I discovered right from the beginning of my career at Johnson Matthey is that I have always felt I had a voice when working in project teams and that my ideas and opinions were listened to and respected by my peers and management. One of the key working cultures here is to promote innovation and there is the opportunity, support and resource to turn an idea into a technology leading product, and be recognised for that achievement.