What started as a short international secondment from India to the UK became a succession of operational management roles for Suranjan

Suranjan Ghosh, BTech Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology and MBA from the Manchester Business School; joined Johnson Matthey in 1998 as a Technical Support & EHS Manager

My journey with Johnson Matthey started as a graduate at the catalyst manufacturing plant in Panki, India. My role involved managing process engineering and manufacturing improvement activities. Highlights included helping to build a new catalyst plant for the global supply of a new product. It is challenges like these given in a highly supportive environment that has been the underlying theme of my career within Johnson Matthey.

International opportunities

In 2001, the opportunity of an international secondment as a Plant Technical Manager saw me relocate to the Clitheroe site in UK. The emphasis of this role was liasing with commercial and manufacturing in order to develop and introduce new products and processes. Integrating in a new country and learning to work in a different culture was what excited me about this role.

In 2005, I became South Site Plant Manager, enabling me to get to the sharp end of manufacturing in a leadership position.

Managing chemical plants that operate in a 24-7 shift environment, producing large amounts of premium catalyst for customers all over the world is not just highly challenging but also immensely satisfying

In this role I learnt how to implement improvement philosophies like Lean manufacturing and managed different stakeholders while meeting production deadlines safely and on time.

Developing skills through part-time learning

In 2009, I became Operations Site Manager, responsible for managing and improving all manufacturing operations at Clitheroe against a number of business requirements. At this time Johnson Matthey encouraged me to do a part time MBA to upgrade my skillset. It provided the 'hard skills' of economics, finance, strategy and marketing that balance the 'soft skills' of leadership, teamwork, ethics and communication one picks up as a part of on-the-job training and development at Johnson Matthey.

Taking on a challenge in a new division

In 2011, I jumped at the opportunity to move to a completely different part of the company as Operations Director for Noble Metals Europe in the Precious Metals Products Division. This role was more strategic and dealt with the challenge of delivering today's customer requirements whilst constantly setting the business up for the future.

In early 2014 I became Business Projects Director for the Precious Metals Products Division, which involves the deployment of new business systems across different businesses and countries.

What Johnson Matthey means to me

Johnson Matthey has always provided me with a vibrant and fun atmosphere, challenging but highly rewarding job roles, and lots of opportunities to learn and develop – all within a supportive environment that encourages collaborative working. Testament to this is that I have hardly noticed my 16 years here pass!