Aron Selesi is an apprentice in the Precious Metal Products Division at Johnson Matthey Brandenberger AG, Zürich, Switzerland. Here he tells us about his experience of the apprenticeship programme…

Aron Selesi

Q1: What does your role involve?

I am involved in all three departments of Jewellery, Watches and Refining. I do different orders, accept orders and work on them until the billing stage and then I do follow ups. In addition, twice a week, I sit at the front desk. There I am in contact with our customers.

Q2: Why did you decide to become an apprentice?

Apprenticeships are highly respected in Switzerland. Especially because apprentices have a practical training, which later employers appreciate. That's why I did an apprenticeship. I would like to continue to work and apply for a Matura (high school exam), so I can study and have a lot of experience in both practice and theory. I also wanted to earn my own money and not use my parents' money.

Q3: What do you think are the main benefits of being an apprentice?

You can learn your dream job, earn your own money and have the opportunity to still do the Matura. With the Matura exam all other educational systems are open to you. The career chances on the job market rise enormously.

Q4: What would you say to others who are thinking about becoming apprentices?

If you rather a practical approach in life, I would recommend an apprenticeship. If you do not want to be dependent on others, do an apprenticeship. But if you don't want to work just now and prefer to learn at home and at school then go to school, because if you choose the wrong one, you'll have trouble getting up every day and going to work.

Q5: Where do you see yourself in five years time?

In five years I see myself at college. I also would like to work here at Johnson Matthey for a few extra years, but definitely at some point, I would like to go to school / university and study.

Q6: What do you enjoy most about your work?

I come every morning with pleasure to the office to work. My colleagues are very nice, we respect each other. I especially appreciate that there is always something to do. It never gets boring!

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