Max Turnell is currently an IT apprentice with Johnson Matthey - here he tells us about his experience of the apprenticeship programme…

Max Turnell

Q1: Why did you decide to become an apprentice?
I decided to become an apprentice a long time ago. I realised that learning manually on the job suited my learning style much more than university did - so from a young age I have been committed to finding an apprenticeship in IT.

Q2: What do you think are the main benefits of being an apprentice?
One of the main benefits of being an apprentice is the level of understanding you gain - if you are taught/shown a task, I believe that your level of understanding will be restricted compared to if you had learnt by doing the task in a real environment. But again, that is only because it suits my style of learning.

Also another good benefit is that it is good preparation for life - people understand you are an apprentice, so are still learning to work in the working environment. This allows you to slowly get used to work and feel more comfortable, rather than being thrown straight in and having instantly too much pressure.

Q3: What would you say to others who are thinking about becoming apprentices?
I would definitely recommend to anyone that they become an apprentice. Within the first 6 months I already felt I had matured and became more confident, both in the work place and out of the work place. I knew instantly that an apprenticeship is the best way for me to learn, so I would recommend people who also feel this way to definitely go for it.

Q5: Where do you see yourself in five years time?
In five years time, where I will be depends on what happens. If I get an opportunity to continue on my job after the year apprenticeship, then hopefully that will be an option. But if I do not get that opportunity, I might continue on my studies. There is a possibility of university, or even another apprenticeship.

Q6: What do you enjoy most about your work?
One of the most important parts of work in my opinion is the people in my department/office. If I get along with the people in my department/office, I feel this is a huge increase in my level of enjoyment at work. And I am lucky enough to have very friendly people in my department, so we get along well.

What I enjoy the most is problem solving. This job requires a lot of problem solving and quick thinking with resolving issues. Problem solving has always been something I have enjoyed to do, so when a problem comes up at work I enjoy trying to resolve it.

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