Johnson Matthey's success and growth is centred around four global drivers – we'd like to see ideas for sustainable technologies that support these

Our Areas of Interest

At Johnson Matthey, we make solutions that optimise the use of natural resources and enhance the quality of life for the people of the world, both for today and for the future.

Our success and growth is centred around four global drivers, and it's these areas that we would like to see ideas in.

  • Environmental factors, climate change and regulation.
  • Natural resource constraints.
  • Population growth, urbanisation, increasing wealth.
  • Health and nutrition, ageing population.

Below you can see some of the ways our existing products and services contribute to these drivers.

However, please don't feel limited by these drivers – we're interested in any idea that makes the world a more sustainable place!

Innovation and our growth drivers

Environmental factors, climate change and regulation

Emission control is one of the things Johnson Matthey is best known for. Did you know we make about a third of all the autocatalysts fitted to cars in the world?

But it's not just vehicles. We also create products for reducing emissions from diesel generators through to leaf blowers. And we make catalysts to make industrial processes, like making chemicals and processing fuels, cleaner and more efficient.

We are always thinking of ways to improve our environment. One of our New Businesses focus areas is purifying wastewater from industrial plants.

What ideas do you have to clean up the world around us?

Natural resource constraints

It’s well known that we only have a finite amount of natural resources on the planet, so as the world grows we need to be increasingly clever in how we use them, and then reuse them.

We make a wide range of catalysts for making processes that use natural resources more efficient and more sustainable. And we are creating methods of converting waste products into renewable fuels.

We are also world leaders in the recycling of platinum group metals, whose fascinating chemical properties have led to many of our greatest innovations.

How can we make even better use of the resources we have?

Population growth, urbanisation, increasing wealth

Since Johnson Matthey was founded in 1817 the world’s population has grown by more than 600%. Today, the world population is growing by 83 million people per year, and more than half of those people now live in cities.

Making sure there is enough food, power and clean water for everyone are just some of the challenges ahead. For the increasing number of people living in cities, air quality will need to be maintained and improved.

We are already looking at some of these areas, including using by-products to create fertiliser and creating chemicals for water treatment. The latest business to join our New Businesses division is creating novel food packaging solutions that keep produce fresh for longer.

How else can we prepare for growing populations and urbanisation?

Health and nutrition, ageing population

An ageing population with increasing health needs is driving growth in the use of generic pharmaceuticals and pain management drugs. Johnson Matthey is a world leading supplier of controlled substance active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

As populations expand in emerging economies how do we tackle the challenges involved in feeding them and treating diseases?