Johnson Matthey's skill lies in understanding both the chemistry and applications

Differentiating through chemistry and its applications

Johnson Matthey has expertise in a number of interrelated chemistry skills. These range from coatings technology, which is vital to the functionality of our emission control catalysts, to characterisation methods which help us understand the composition of our products.

However, it is not just our chemistry skills that give us an edge; it is equally important that we know how best to use them. That applications knowledge, such as how we can manufacture a laboratory based product at full production scale and then test it to make sure it will work for our customers, is the way we turn our great chemistry ideas into multi million pound businesses.

Our expertise

Our expertise in advanced materials and technology underpins our business model to create value. It gives us a competitive edge, creates high barriers to entry and provides access into new markets.

In line with our strategy, we employ scientists of the highest calibre and are investing in our people, products and technology to keep our chemistry and processes cutting edge.