We are focused on reinvigorating our health and safety culture with the aim of achieving world class performance

Health month at our Devens site, USA
Health month at our Devens site, USA
Performance summary 2014/15 2013/14 % change
Lost time injury and illness rate 0.49 0.65 -25
Total recordable injury and illness rate 1.14 1.77 -36
Incidents of occupational illness cases per 1,000 employees 1.2 2.2 -45

New metrics, clearer reporting and the adoption of health and safety as our priority are all contributing to improvements.

By working together, we can protect our employees, suppliers, customers and communities, and improve our health and safety performance. This is essential for our future success. This is how we have identified health and safety as one of our core values.

The Group Management Committee (GMC) is leading the company to improved health and safety performance. Over the year, our management systems and approach to health and safety have been assessed and significant changes have been made, where necessary, paving the way to a cycle of continual improvement.

Principles for health and safety

Our approach is embodied in our newly adopted health and safety principles. They hold that:

  • All injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable.
  • We are all responsible for preventing injuries and occupational illness.
  • Adherence to lifesaving policies and site safety rules is mandatory.
  • Working safely is a condition of employment.
  • We will promote off the job health and safety for our employees.

These principles are integral to our thinking and form the foundation for future activities.

Training and safety self-assessment

With our commitment to the principle that 'we are all responsible', we began training in September 2014 with a session for the GMC, led by an external consultant.

This was followed by training for all general managers across Johnson Matthey in the form of two day workshops designed to develop a culture of awareness and improvement. At the same time, new guidance was developed, entitled the EHS Behaviour Standard, and around 50% of our sites are now implementing it.

We are working hard to ensure that everyone is engaged with health and safety and feels their commitment, so that the strongest motivations are from within.

Looking ahead

We plan to continue the momentum created on health and safety into the next year and beyond. We are extending the EHS Behaviour Standard to all our sites, together with our newly established health and safety principles.

We see a strong health and safety culture as an essential building block of our vision and strategy for the future. Improvements in health and safety enhance our reputation and help the company to create value. We believe that as health and safety improves, so too do quality and productivity. There is also a positive effect on employee morale.

In short, it's good for people and business.

Our health and safety performance

For more on our approach to health and safety and our performance in 2014/15 please see the Health and Safety section of our annual report.