Health and safety at the heart of our business

Health and safety at the heart of our business

Our focus in 2015/16 has been on raising employees' awareness and bringing them on a journey towards a world class health and safety culture. Strengthening commitment at an individual level is key to this. We will only succeed when our employees follow the rules because they want to, not because they have to.

This year we have invested in new projects and processes to support and communicate our aspirations. These included an internal communications campaign to launch our five health and safety principles which set out the company's position and expectations on health and safety.

Our health and safety principles

  1. All injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable.
  2. We are all responsible for preventing injuries and occupational illness.
  3. Adherence to lifesaving policies and site safety rules is mandatory.
  4. Working safely is a condition of employment.
  5. We will promote off the job health and safety for our employees.

Training and knowledge sharing

Our first global conference for EHS staff was held in September 2015. The theme of this event was improving team communications and sharing knowledge and best practice. The first topic of the day explored learnings from incidents within the group and how other teams could assess and minimise risks to prevent accidents happening at their own sites.

This year we completed major updates to our corporate policies on protection of hearing at work, management of the hazard reviews of capital projects and process risk safety management.

With an emphasis on knowledge sharing and communication, we have rolled out new training courses delivered by sector experts from DuPont. These are designed to actively engage employees with our policies and practices, encouraging them to make a personal and public commitment to demonstrate specific behaviours more frequently and more effectively.

Above all, we want people to understand how the behavioural expectations set out in our EHS Behaviour Standard relate to all safety incidents. Business continuity training developed during the year also includes a significant health and safety element.

Safeguarding our people in 2016/17

We will maintain our focus on improving health and safety. We have invested in new software to streamline our EHS data tracking which will be rolled out from June 2016. As well as providing more accurate data, this will make it easier for people to report any incidents or near misses.

We will continue to drive our health and safety performance next year, benchmarking against our peers with an aim to be in the top 10% of companies in our sector. Our ambition is to reduce our LTIIR and TRIIR rates further, with the goal of zero harm always in mind.

Health and safety performance

For more on our approach to health and safety and our performance in 2015/16 please see the People and Planet (PDF, opens in new window) section of our annual report.

Total Recordable Injury and Illness Rate