Sustainability is key to our strategy for continued growth and many of our products and technologies have a beneficial impact on the world around us

Sustainability intro

A sustainable vision

To us, good performance is not just about profit. It's about running our business in the most sustainable way we can.

That's why in 2007 we created our Sustainability 2017 Vision and set ourself six tough targets to meet by the 200th anniversary of our company in 2017.

Why Sustainability is so important to Johnson Matthey

A well regarded approach

A well regarded approach

We achieved the highest 'A' band ranking in the Carbon Disclosure Project investor and supply chain programmes in 2014.

We were one of just 187 companies to make the Climate Performance Leadership Index in 2014, and were the most improved FTSE company.

A Leader in Sustainable Technologies

A leader in sustainable technologies

Johnson Matthey is focused on developing value adding sustainable technologies to our customers and to society.

Today, 89% of the group's sales represent products and services which provide sustainability benefits, i.e. through the positive impact they have on the environment, resource efficiency or human health.

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Sustainability at Johnson Matthey

Why Sustainability?

For Johnson Matthey, sustainability is about how we can best run our business in the long term, and our Sustainability 2017 Vision is helping us get there

Sustainability Case Studies

Sustainability in Action

Sustainability is key to our strategy for continued growth. Read examples of the many sustainability initiatives underway across the company

Sustainability Governance

Sustainability Governance

Our policies on issues such as the environment, health and safety, and how sustainability is embedded in our company's structures

Products and Technologies

Products and Technologies

Johnson Matthey is a leader in products and technologies that benefit the environment and the health and wellbeing of millions of people around the world

Manufacturing Excellence

Manufacturing Excellence

Operational excellence and sustainability is the focus of our Manufacturing Excellence programme, which aims to boost efficiency across the business

Reports and Publications

Reports and Publications

Find our annual report and other reports on the company's financial and sustainability performance