Sustainability Governance

Our policies on issues such as the environment, health and safety, and how sustainability is embedded in the company's structures

Good governance is a cornerstone of sustainability and the group has well established policies and management systems to support this which apply to all operations worldwide. Legal requirements are a minimum standard and in many cases our policies and systems are in advance of these.

Johnson Matthey has policies which provide the framework for managing environmental, social and governance matters.

As Johnson Matthey Plc is a UK listed company, we are required, at the very least, to meet the standards of the UK Corporate Governance Code (the Code) and further details on this and the board's statement on corporate governance matters are presented in the Annual Report.

Johnson Matthey has adopted the principles of corporate social responsibility and embedded them into its risk management processes. Performance management systems, corporate policies and a commitment to continuous improvement underpin our sustainability goals and through the launch of Sustainability 2017 we have defined our own vision and direction to manage our impacts and opportunities with increasing efficiency.

We aim to be clear about what we do, communicate effectively, report our progress transparently and demonstrate leadership and best practice in every aspect of sustainability. Since 2003 we have reported annually on our social, environmental and ethical performance.

Above all, Johnson Matthey is committed to continuous improvement as the way forward to achieve Sustainability 2017.

Policies and Disclosures

To learn more about Johnson Matthey's policies and read policy documents visit the Our Policies section of this website.

Read Johnson Matthey’s Statement on Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, which aims to demonstrate our credentials and describes the way in which we fulfil our obligations in these areas.

Read our response to the California Transparency in Supply Chain Act 2010.