Emission Control Technologies at Johnson Matthey’s Royston site in the UK has been working to help make both the workplace and the wider community a more pleasant place to be


Social responsibility is a key aspect of our Sustainability 2017 Vision – and the Emission Control Technologies business at Johnson Matthey's Royston site in the UK has been working to help make both workplace and wider community a more pleasant place to be.

In 2011 a cross functional team was formed to look at community and employee issues and wellbeing in the business. A workshop session was held to generate initial thoughts and suggestion boxes were put up around the plant to encourage staff members to share their ideas. Links were established with the town council and Royston Volunteer Centre to inform the team of the local community's needs.

The working environment is all important to staff wellbeing and so the mess room facilities in one of the plants were improved with further tables and chairs added so that all employees could eat together. A television was ordered for the mess room in time for the 2012 Olympics so that employees could watch in their breaks.

Lamp post banners were put up to raise awareness of sustainability and our key targets. A programme of presentations is also highlighting the work of the business' social, energy and waste teams, and all employees are invited to attend.

On the community side, Johnson Matthey volunteers were involved in creating a flower bed at the local train station as part of the town's 'Royston in Bloom' event. In October 2011 and January 2012 volunteers also worked to improve a local woodland area by planting new trees and installing benches and information boards – a contribution to the community that was well received by residents and the local press.

Two big fundraising events took place in 2011. The first was a cycle ride from London to Cambridge which raised funds for Breast Cancer Awareness. In the second event, which was initiated by the business' continuous improvement team at Royston, male employees grew moustaches to raise money for a men's cancer charity.

Charity and volunteer work in the community reinforces the Royston site's standing as a good corporate citizen while internal activities contribute to staff development.