Panki site supports the education of deaf children, women and the poor who are in need of medicines...

Panki site

In 2011 a group of employees at the Panki site in Uttar Pradesh, India formed a group known as Sankalp – the word means 'oath' in Hindi – to realise their commitment to the local community through financial and volunteer contributions. The education of deaf children, women who have to support themselves and the very poor who are in need of medicines were the main targets of Panki's community activities in 2011/12.

The Sankalp group observes its founding principle of a commitment to mankind and for its work, the Panki site is named joint winner of the 2011/12 Sustainability Award for Corporate Citizenship / Community Action.

Sponsoring Schools and Education

Jyoti Mook Badhir Vidyalaya is one of the recognised schools for deaf and dumb children in Kanpur - Uttar Pradesh that provides vocational training – essential if these youngsters are to support themselves in later life. Not all the families can afford to keep their children at the school, and Panki employees sponsored 17 children at the school, committing to meet their annual education expenses. Hearing aids were presented to two of the very poor children who could not otherwise have afforded them. Panki employees live their values and a number visited the school with their spouses and children, spending time with the sponsored youngsters and bringing toys and food with them.

A second area of activity was a school run by a local non-governmental organisation, Upkarita. Back in 2009, the Panki site won a sustainability award and used the prize money to help renovate the school. Now it is continuing to support the school through donations and practical involvement. The school also provides vocational training to help women become self-employed and the Panki site donated five sewing machines which offered immediate prospects of self-employment for the some of the women.

Helping the Poor

The Missionaries of Charity, founded by Mother Theresa in 1950, has a centre in Kanpur and members of the Sankalp group explored how best they could help the needy and the destitute who are being rehabilitated at the centre. In the end, it was clear that a monthly donation would be valuable in contributing to the medicines and care needed by these disadvantaged people. Described by a representative of the Panki site as just a "small drop in the ocean", this giving is very much in the spirit of the work achieved by Mother Theresa and is no less a testament to the strong sense of social responsibility that is being forged at site.

These community activities coincided with a busy time at Panki, during a period of growth and work pressure. Nonetheless, Panki employees have been unwavering in their support for community projects and generous with their time and donations – worthy winners of the Sustainability Award for Corporate Citizenship / Community Action.