A revolutionary redesign of the website in 2012 changed the digital face of the company...

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In a short space of time, digital communications have become central to the way we all live and work. New generations of technology continue to emerge, offering greater sophistication and functionality. Surprisingly for a technology company, Johnson Matthey was getting left behind in its web communications. A revolutionary redesign of the website in 2012 changed the digital face of the company and took an award in the Digital Impact Awards.

Johnson Matthey's corporate website, launched in 2004, had not kept pace with the speed of change in digital communications. It looked old fashioned and was not user friendly. A drab colour scheme and text-heavy layout failed to entice visitors. The company needed a website that would showcase it as a leading technology and sustainability company, with a new look and a structure that was easy to navigate. The key audiences for the website are investors, graduate job seekers, customers and the media.

Creating a More Sophisticated Website

The first step was to improve the technical infrastructure of the site. The site was built on a content management system, providing an easy way to maintain the site – a crucial element that allows the company to keep the new site up to date and eliminates the former site management practices that were cumbersome.

The next step was to improve the navigation. Visitors can now navigate by division, product and industry, so that audiences with varying degrees of knowledge about the business can find their way around. Links aimed at different audiences, such as 'Information for journalists', are also provided.
The design was much improved. The site was given a fresh look and feel, inspired by the company's sister sustainability website, with lots of white space and photos.

Finally, new content was created. Earlier material, much of it a little dated, was replaced by extensive new content, which showcases the many innovations that Johnson Matthey has developed over the years and the many sustainability related initiatives underway across its global operations.

Digital Communications and Sustainability

Digital communications is not a cosmetic exercise but core to the sustainability of the company. Investors need quick, easy access to financial information about the company and the new investor relations section features share price charting tools and email alerts – all helping to get investors informed and onside with company development. Also essential to the company's sustainable future is its workforce: Johnson Matthey needs to attract high calibre graduates in science and engineering in order to support its plans for future growth and an engaging careers section is essential. This section has been improved and, among other things, includes video interviews with employees, talking about their experiences at Johnson Matthey.

Digital Impact Award

The icing on the cake was winning an award for best digital communications in the Engineering and Manufacturing sector in the 2012 Digital Impact Awards, a leading European awards programme.

Anyone visiting the corporate website today gets a clear impression of Johnson Matthey as an innovative, forward thinking company with a core commitment to sustainability. The website forms the hub of the company's digital strategy, supported by social media, a new email alerts service and an iPad app.