The Jyoti Badhir School for the Hearing Impaired, on the outskirts of Kanpur, India, welcomed a visit from Johnson Matthey’s employees in December 2012 to learn about improving health and safety practices...

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Since 2010, the Johnson Matthey site at Panki has offered various types of support to the local Jyoti Badhir School. Its Johnson Matthey Sankalp group – the word means 'oath' in Hindi – runs an environment, health and safety programme, going out into the community to spread knowledge of health and safety in the home and on the street. As a member of the Sankalp group says, "Kanpur is densely populated and lots of accidents happen every year because of ignorance and a lack of proper education." The visit to the Jyoti Badhir School formed part of this safety improvement programme.

Teaching School Children About Health and Safety

Pupils and teachers gathered in the school hall for a two hour training session, given by four employees from the Panki site. The topics covered included health and hygiene, ergonomics at home, pedestrian safety, traffic rules, fire hazards and the risks associated with electrical home appliances. Experts in signing acted as interpreters so that the presentations were accessible and the discussions truly interactive.

This type of community activity reinforces Johnson Matthey's reputation as a good corporate citizen, but more than that, it is rewarding both to those who deliver the training and those who receive it. Johnson Matthey's participant's talk of their immense satisfaction and pride in the contributions made to the health and safety of the community.