Do you think safety does not affect you? Or are you too laid back to want to engage with health and safety?

Street Play Promoting Safety Message in Manesar

These are two common attitudes found in many industries and cultures when talking to employees about Health and Safety. These attitudes constitute a barrier to good safety practices, and increase work place risk To highlight the importance of good environment, health and safety (EHS) behaviours, Johnson Matthey's employees at Manesar, in the Delhi region of India, created a short play about safety at work and at home. This play coincided with India's National Safety Week in March 2013 and was performed twice on the 7th March.

Macho Man, Happy Go Lucky and the Safety Conscious Hero

There were three characters in the play: 'macho man', 'happy go lucky' and the 'safety conscious hero'. Safety issues were presented with a light touch and the play emphasised the importance of safety procedures and wearing personal protective equipment.

The play took place at Johnson Matthey but was also given at a local business centre in Manesar. Many employees from surrounding factories attended the play, which helped to reinforce the safety message in the wider community.

Safety is Everyone's Responsibility

The key message communicated from the play is that 'safety is everyone's responsibility'. This was an entertaining way of reinforcing the importance of our safety culture in achieving our sustainability health and safety goals. Through the play, employees strengthened their safety awareness and had the opportunity to perform the play for the local community; spreading the safety message.