As part of our volunteering scheme George Faram, Group IT Support Technician in our London office, gave his time to help out at a local scouting event...

george faram international

By George Faram, City Office, London UK

Last year during the warm summer months, I took the two days volunteer leave that each employee is given to put something back into the community.

As I am already a member of the scouting sector I thought 'What more do I want to be doing with my summer than standing in a muddy field surrounded by 2,000 young people?' and chose to volunteer my time at a scout camp called Essex International Jamboree.

The jamboree takes place every four years and has grown to now taking people from overseas. As I was working towards my kayaking award, I decided to join the water team and assist them in their mammoth task of getting over 400 young people kayaking each day on a lake no bigger than one acre, whilst being assessed in different kayaks and canoes.

The days were long and tiring and all I wanted to do at the end of each one was to sit in a bath with my feet up for an hour or so with a good book, but like all camps nothing ever went to plan. Most evenings I found myself working behind the milkshake bar with a few friends old and new.

The camp finished on the Sunday and I was back at work on the Monday no doubt looking a bit worse for wear.

I never did manage to get the higher kayaking award I was going for but as far as I know all the young people that attended really enjoyed themselves and were able to get some time on the water.